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Naked Niños

  • Ekpsosisyon Exhibit in SM City Cebu Gallery January 6-19, 2012 (First Artwork)

I had the opportunity to join a group show organized by PUSOD, Inc. I am a member of this art group since 1998. The venue would last until the Sinulog weekend (January 15), hence, I decided to do an artwork depicting the Sto. Niño with a different angle. This is the artwork inspired by Sigmund Freud’s quote : ” A man who has been the indisputable favorite of his mother keeps for life the feeling of a conqueror.”

The picture is taken from a factory making religious images. Seen here is the bigger Sto. Niño dwarfing the statue of his mother. It also seems that he is strangling her with a nylon rope. When in fact, he is tied to post to prevent him from falling. The rope is tied to her neck also to prevent this.

naked niños

Last week, a former student of mine confided to me that this artwork fell off and was damaged. I asked the person in charge of the mounting of the works as to how structurally stable it was when hanged. He said it is quite stable. I believe him since the artwork is quite light. There are some artworks displayed in the venue that are much heavier. I joked to my student that maybe, the Niños would want to leave the gallery to join the festivities. I also told her to call me if he cries, or would display other forms of precipitation. Maybe we can make money out of it. Accepting donations for viewing a miraculous image.

I went to see the condition of the work last week and saw that there were cracks and dents on the upper right side. It seemed that it was struck by a blunt object. If it just fell flat on the floor, I don’t think it would leave that kind of impression.

Yesterday, I had a facebook chat with student who viewed my artwork. He asked as to what inspired me to display this image. This was for his Humanities class. Here is an excerpt :



Having read this, it came to me, that maybe someone got offended by my work and vandalized it. This is just a reaction from one person, a student at that.

This is not the first time that my work was vandalized. Back in college, I had a painting marked with a swastika with the use of a pentel pen. My college thesis was a one-man exhibit. I had it in a mall and lasted for two weeks. Within the duration of the exhibit, in between classes, I had a casual talk with my professor. I saw a taxi drive by and out came a lady in her mid-40’s. She approached us and greeted my professor first. It turned out that she was a former student and an alumna of the same Fine Arts program I was currently enrolled in.

The chit-chat lasted for about 5 minutes. She bid good-bye to my professor. But before she left, she said ; “Are you the artist, Estimo, whose works are now currently displayed in A____a?” Semi-delighted, I answered yes. Her reply. “Your works are good, but remember, Jesus loves you.”