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TI-AW TI-AW NGA UROM (Nonsensical Nightmares)

#30minutesketch before zzzz


The Dark Ages ended because of one particular technology, Johann Guttenberg’s moveable press. This made the production

of books more easier and cost-effective. For the first time, knowledge is unconfined to monks transcribing manuscripts in dark

basements. It was only fitting that the first book published was the bible.


The industrial age in Europe brought new advancement in art making. Artists can now buy pigments stored in canisters and

tubes. For the first time, they can paint outside their studios, or ‘plein air’. This type of art genre is very common among the

impressionists. Impressionism gave rise to other art “isms” in rapid successions.


We are at present in the information age. Knowledge shared via the internet (or interweb to some) is at the speed of light.

Searching content online has never been easier. The Dewey decimal system may become as useful as the morse code.

To google or googling is now a verb.


Then came social media. Posts are in real time, sometimes way ahead than traditional mass media. People can share, follow

and subscribe to an entity, real or not. Unlike normal online topic searches that give broader results, social media gave us

microsearches via the “#” (hashtag). Ti-aw ti-aw nga Urom started as this experiment.


“Ti-aw Ti-aw nga Urom” is my third one man exhibit. The 153 works shown are done in 30 minutes or less, prior to sleep, in a

span of seven months. All works are then uploaded to a popular image sharing app, Instagram and linked to Twitter and Face-

book for viewers to see. Initially, I wanted to make a series of works as inconsistent as possible that people will not recognize

the works coming from the same person. But due to size limitation of Instagram and character limit of twitter, my plan backfired.


Some drawings will be developed further into paintings. Example is “I am Your G.O.D. (Guard on Duty). There are a few in the



Another failed plan, perhaps. I am making sense to these nonsense.